Camping - Cook Sets

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Aluminium Mess Kit (one person) consisting:
One 16 oz. saucepan w/lid, one 7" dia. frypan, one 6.5" dia. plate and one 8 oz. plastic cup. All nested
Two Person (7pcs) Stainless Steel Camping Cook Set consisting: one 1.18 ltr. pot w/lid, one 0.7 ltr.pot w/lid, one 16cm dia. frypan (All with copper plated bottom and stay cool wire handle.) Two plastic cup and one PVC pouch.
One Person (6 pcs) Stainless Steel Mess kit consisting one 24 oz. pot w/lid, one 20 oz. pot w/lid, one 5.5" dia. frypan (All w/copper plated bottom & stay cool wire handle.) One 8 oz. plastic cup and one PVC pouch
12 pcs Family Cook Set in Stainless Steel. Consisting: One S/S 3 Qt. cook pot with 8-1/4" frypan lid. One S/S 2 Qt. cook pot with 6-1/2" frypan lid. Four 10" dinner plate. Four 8 oz. insulated mug (double wall). One PVC pouch.
5 pcs Stainless Steel Mess Kit. Consisting one pc each 7" dia. frypan w/copper plated bottom & insulated wire foldable handle. 6.5" dia plated, 5.5" dia. (16 oz.) pot w/lid and 8 oz plastic cup.
6 pcs Family Cook Set with copper plated bottom. Detachable stay cool handle. Consisting:
One 6 Qt. pot with 10-1/2" frypan lid. One 3Qt. Pot with Lid. One 1 Qt. Pot with Lid. One detachable handle for 10-1/2" Frypan. One PVC Pouch
6 pcs Deluxe Alum. Mess Kit consisting: One pc 7" dia. non stick frypan w/insulated wire handle., 6.5" dia. plate, 5.5" dia. (16 oz.) pot w/lid, 8 oz . plastic up & pot grip.